Cloud allows businesses to operate more efficiently

Builders today are ideally positioned to reap the benefits of Cloud technology. Live coordination and tracking of labor, materials and vendors are now a reality. The Cloud can also provide rapid deployment of IT infrastructure and remote monitoring of on-site surveillance systems. Because your data always resides in the Cloud, laptops and field devices that are damaged or stolen will no longer present security risks.

What is the Cloud?  If you use the internet, have e-mail. Perform web searches or use online forums, you have taken advantage of Cloud technology. Cloud computing is a delivery mechanism for providing virtual services that can be accessed from almost anywhere. It enables your business to achieve objectives that in the past were limited by technology.

Financial benefits of Cloud.  Historically, builders have had to buy and own costly hardware to handle their computing needs per site office. Adding more resources and capabilities required additional purchases. However, this is no longer necessary. The Cloud enables deployment of computing resources without incurring major capital expenditures. Leasing of IT resources makes financial sense and ease the monetary burden, The Cloud changes construction IT into an affordable pay-as-you-go solution.

Predicting and budgeting the costs of IT has always been hard. How can the Cloud help construction company owners gain control? Everything you need from equipment, software, connectivity, maintenance and data protection can be combined into a single monthly payment. Budgeting IT costs suddenly becomes realistic and easy to manage.

Field benefits of the Cloud.  Imagine if field employees could access company data while away from the office? With Cloud, it’s possible. And with the additional flexibility comes the following benefits:

** Flexibility to utilize core business services on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

** Verify in video form a project’s completion

** Live monitoring of Punch Lists

** Ease of access through different devices makes Cloud computing uniquely flexible

** No longer are we confined to the office. The Cloud now allows you the freedom to choose how you work.

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving. Major vendors such as Cisco, HP, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel see the marketplace already implementing Cloud solutions. Even Wall Street is making the transition to the cloud.

The industry is forecasting a 75 percent market penetration by Cloud solutions in the next three years. Cloud computing will be as influential as E-business and “has the potential to change the status quo in the IT market,” according to industry analyst Gartner.

To help you understand Cloud computing, NetTek, a local solutions provider with 20 years’ experience, is offering Tidewater Builders Association members a free educational presentation in the first quarter of 2012 at TBA. To find out more about the Cloud and this upcoming event, please visit