Conversion to the Cloud

Lynn Bunn, President, and Elizabeth Haynes, Payroll Manager of Arvon Staffing recently convened to talk about their conversion to the Cloud.

Bunn began, “I was dragged, kicking and screaming into the Cloud, by Liz. I was most concerned about cost, the newness, the unknown. I didn’t want to make the move, but, it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. It made our lives here a lot easier.”

“Our biggest surprise has been the speed of the Newport News office being way faster than it’s ever been. Any problems we’ve had have been solved quickly through the support. It’s been easier for the staff. We I had multiple machines, offices, home PC and a laptop. The staff is now working from home which they never did before. In emergency situations it is very nice to have the “work from home” option.

“In hindsight, Liz brought it to my attention and I’m very glad she did. I was caught up in Pennsylvania and I was able to log in from there, which in the past was impossible with our old system. That was my big “ah-ha” moment. In that case, it was a life saver. The process for me was longer with the multiple machines, but I would recommend it to any other companies who need access to their data or who have a sales force,” Bunn commented.

Haynes began: ”I didn’t know anything about the Cloud until I came to the presentation you gave at WHRO. From that day on, I was dreaming of the day we could convert to it after hearing about the Cloud in detail. The presentation Citrix did was amazing. I knew it would make Lynn’s life much simpler, by not having to upgrade equipment anymore or buy all the Microsoft software ever again. I knew bringing all our software to the same version was such a big advantage.”

“My concerns were with our Metro software which is working, but may be discontinued. It only took three days to convert our whole operation and it was much better than I expected. I was so excited when I logged on from home with my new I Pad for the first time. I had my fingers crossed and everything. It worked and now I do not have to spend those long nights at the office battling the IT demons, which was a regular in the past.”

Haynes continued, “The minor hiccups were taken care of quickly. Reconnecting our network printer and our health care insurance programs was handled promptly. Setting up Citrix for our staff’s home machines was a challenge for our technophobic staff, but your support walked them through that, as well. Looking back, I would like to have done this much sooner. Going forward, I would definitely promote Desktops2Go®. I love it – it’s wonderful! Dealing with service is a pleasure as the technicians are so patient with us and they communicate so well with each other. It is the coolest thing out there right now.”