What To Do Next

Who to sell?

Selling Desktops2Go® is no different than selling any other product or service you currently offer.  There are some areas that we have found to work best.

  • A current customer needs an upgrade.  This helps to emphasize the ROI that is associated with Desktops2Go®.
  • A company has multiple offices and are currently running software over VPN.  VPN's are typically slow and a cloud solution like Desktops2Go® is lighting fast in comparison.
  • A company needs mobility such as a mobile sales force or does client work at the customer site.
  • A company wants to implement BYOD.
  • A company who has fluctuating staff requirements.  CPA's are a great example of this type of customer. At tax time, they may need additional preparers  but only need them for 4 months.

The List goes on...

Show a presentation
Collect Initial Data
Present the ROI
Closing the Sale