Can I continue to use my existing Email Address?

Yes. Desktops2Go® hosted email encryption allows you to continue using your existing email address, and email address aliases. And, it seamlessly into Outlook using the Secure MS Outlook Toolbar. If you use a different email program, you have full access to all of your secure messages by using the Secure Message Center (Webmail).

Can secure messages include file attachments?

Yes, secure messages can be included as a file attachment.  File attachments are transferred via HTTPS through the use of your Secure Messaging Platform instead of across regular SMTP connections, unreliable FTP or unsecured third party websites, which are very limited in security, speed and size limit.

Using the Secure Messaging Platform to exchange file attachments is safer, allows for up to 5GB size file transfer, is trackable and auditable, and so it becomes easier to manage each file attachment, directly in the Secure Message Center’s Attachment Library, or directly in MS Outlook.

Can I send secure messages to anyone?

Yes, you can send secure messages to anyone if you have added email encryption to your Desktops2Go® hosted email subscription. When you send a secure message outside of your organization each recipient will be able to login to the Secure Messaging center to read, reply, and in some cases create new messages other encrypted email subscribers who have communicated with you before.

What if the Internet is down?

Cloud solutions require internet and while business class internet has become very reliable, the possibility of an outage is a valid concern. With Desktops2Go®, users can work from most devices from anywhere they have an internet connection so your employees are no longer tied to the office. You have so many options; work from home, from a branch office, the local coffee or sandwich shop, even through your hotspot or mobile phone. If having 100% uptime at the office is essential, a low cost 4G internet failover solution can be put into place.